Tuesday, June 17, 2014


This blog will go into deep freeze for an indefinite period. Although I still actively read other blogs, I find that I'm maybe suffering from password fatigue. Rubbish excuse, I know.

Before signing off, I'd love to thank all of you who have taken the time to read my posts. The good will and encouragement in the comments also means a lot even if I don't always manage to reply. Thank you!

As for the immediate future; records on my Peripheral Conserve label will now be distributed by State 51, which means you should be able to find releases through the usual independent outlets. Sorry, no digital. Vinyl will come with download cards. Digital releases might appear later courtesy of each artist, but that will be up to them.

Apologies for the huge delay in arranging new distribution. The Wasp Boutique double album by Jean-Herve Peron and Zsolt Sores (which recently had a positive write-up in The Quietus next to a list of albums I like in The Baker's Dozen section) should be out now. The 7-minute film of the musicians by Douglas Hart and me is included as a free DVD with the double vinyl.  The Pal Toth en project (op 80530 CD and 12" of remixes) has just been reviewed in The Wire.

Three more releases due. A 7" by Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg (the goblin in Berberian) called The Glottal Allowance is already being pressed. The B-side is a remix by Andrew Liles. 250 copies only. Cavern of Anti Matter are mastering their two tracks for the 7" single tomorrow. Once the artwork is ready, it will go straight into production. 500 copies. The last release will be something very small - 10 or 20 copies, but we'll try to give that last release a digital life.

The Berberian 10" EP of extended prayers and screams is now going ahead. It should come out by the end of the year on a label that I love, but perhaps too early to say more. Rest assured the label will give the release plenty of publicity.

The Duke of Burgundy is finished.  No idea when it will appear, but I hope it will screen in a cinema or two somewhere by the end of this year. In between making that film, I co-directed Bjork's Biophilia concert film with Nick Fenton. I'm still trying to finish a Bohman Brothers short film, but need to catch my breath a little. That's it for now. Bye.