Sunday, March 16, 2014


The 12" records of the op.80530 remixes have finally arrived. Download codes definitely inside this time. The CD of the original is also ready. Still no distribution and the copies Andrew Liles had for sale are already sold out. Hopefully more news soon about where one can order copies.

Friday, February 28, 2014

The Wasp Boutique

Whilst the én remix 12" is still languishing in production limbo, this release jumped the queue and though not in your local supermarket yet, is at least in our hands.

It's called 'The Wasp Boutique' and is by Art-Errorist (also known as Faust's Jean-Hervé Péron) and Zsolt Sőrés. I saw the pair in concert in Budapest in 2011. The venue was accidentally double-booked with a student disco and twenty or so minutes into the Art-Errorist/Sőrés concert, the place was besieged with a throng of horny young men ready to impress members of the opposite sex with their moves on the dance floor. Messrs Péron and Sőrés were having none of it and abruptly ended the concert. Jean-Hervé could be relied on to take the protest a step further by chasing the most unruly students out of the venue with his chainsaw. After witnessing the chaos, I begged both men if I could release something by them and almost three years later, here we are.

The album comes as a double Long Play gatefold with outer artwork by Babs Santini. Inner artwork by Jay Shaw. Download codes included and I've seen them with my own eyes this time. There's also a DVD with a 7-minute portrait film of Péron and Sőrés by me and musician/filmmaker, Douglas Hart shot on 16mm, but that was totally pointless, as on DVD you won't tell the difference between that and digital.

Tracks are:

Side A
Was ist los da oben?
100gr de protéine

Side B
Sorry, it's illegal

Side C
20th September
Sans Parole

Side D

Total playing time: 83 minutes.

We are currently without distribution, but I'm doing my best to arrange something, even if only temporary. Until I find a way out of the current limbo, I can't say yet how much the double album will cost or where it can be purchased from. Hopefully, more information soon! The aim is to have this out by Record Store Day in April.

The financial stake involved in running the label and general fatigue means that I'll put the Peripheral Conserve label into hibernation later this year. After many years and 22 releases with an unfeasibly disproportionate hassle to joy ratio, I've had enough. If my wallet becomes bigger and my mood brighter, I might start again, but for now, that's it.

Just a few more releases to go: next up, we have Berberian Sound Studio's phantasmical goblin, Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg putting out his first 45 single of diabolical voice works with a remix on the B-side by Andrew Liles. On that subject, Andrew Liles reworked his screams and sound design from 'Berberian Sound Studio' into two ten-minute tracks, which are just great. I'd love these to go beyond my headphones into the wider world and will make sure that happens, no matter what. I was a big fan of what Andrew did for the film and can't imagine how it would've sounded without so much of his eerie voice/scream work. He's gone even further out with these reworked voice reels and this has to be heard. This one is due out on another label, which I won't name until it becomes a reality. Liles, the label and myself are making every effort to pollute the aural spectrum with this record as soon as possible.

The other record coming up is a 45 single by Tim Gane's new band, Cavern of Anti-Matter, which should hopefully be ready in time for everyone's summer basking. The label hasn't gone to bed just yet and I owe a huge thank you to all the musicians I've been lucky enough to meet and work with. They all keep my spirit just about on the right side of middle-age.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Good news for a change

Adam Bohman exhibition at Cafe Oto!!!!!!


Still no movement with the records. Despite ongoing problems, the label struggles on and we'll do our best to keep the corpse twitching with a few more releases this year.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

én - op. 80530

The op. 80530 compact disc album by the Hungarian electronic musician, én along with an accompanying 12" of remixes by James Cargill, Jonathan Coleclough, Andrew Liles, Colin Potter and Sculpture should be available by the end of this month. Both these ventures into drone territory are on my Peripheral Conserve label. The catalogue numbers for the compact disc original album and 12" vinyl remixes, (which will be sold separately) are pH-20 and pH-21. Front cover and disc artwork, (featured here) is by Julian House. The compact disc also features inner artwork by Miki Hauser. 300 copies of each release with distribution through Essential Music. The compact discs are ready, but had the artwork printed inside out, so these won't come shrink-wrapped. The vinyl will be available once download codes are put in.

én is otherwise known as Pál Tóth who played Massimo in Berberian Sound Studio.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Patrick Cowley

When 'Berberian Sound Studio' screened at Fright Fest last year, there was mention of a project I've been working on related to early '80s disco. As with any project, it's impossible to say whether it will come off or not, but I've written a script and the will is there to do something, especially now that Patrick Cowley's 'lost' gay porno soundtracks from 1973 - 1981 have been reissued through Dark Entries. Hearing these soundtracks and watching these clips on youtube are testament to how groundbreaking Cowley's electronic music was. His best work has been hidden in brown paper bags and VHS tapes for decades. Great to see this listed in Other Music's albums and reissues of the year.

Monday, December 2, 2013


Apologies again for more record hassles. Quite a delay with the én CD, én remix 12" and Jean-Hervé Peron (Art-errorist)/ Zsolt Sőrés double LP. We should have the én releases in our hands by Christmas, which means a January release. The Jean-Hervé Peron (Art-errorist)/ Zsolt Sőrés double LP will most likely appear in early February 2014. To avoid making the same mistakes as with the Roj 7", we're making sure that this time all download codes will be inserted in the record sleeves at the manufacturing plant and then handsomely shrink-wrapped. Thanks to all of you who were very patient and understanding about that fiasco.